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I use hard wax for all my treatments - unless we are doing your legs.

If it's your first time having a wax, especially a Brazilian Wax, I will talk you through everything and make sure you're comfortable. 


Body Waxing

$40 - Bikini Line

$65 - Full Brazilian (Includes take home exfoliating glove)

$55+ - Half Legs

$75+ - Full Legs

$30 - Underarms

$35+ - Arms

Makeup-48 (1).jpg

Facial Waxing

$40 - Upper Lip and Brows

$45 - Full Face (Brows, Upper Lip, Chin)

$60 - Dermaplane Quickie (This is the Full Face Wax plus the Dermaplane treatment to remove all remaining peach fuzz and dead skin)

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